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Happy Thanksgiving aka Turkey Day

Hey my peeps I hope you guys are having a Fantabulous Turkey Day, and if you dont celebrate Thanksgiving, well then happy holidays.
Right now at this very moment my momma has the Turkey or as we call it "El Nino" in the oven.
We always start eating our turkey during Half Time of the Cowboys games by the way today they play against the New Orleans Saints (last years Super Bowl Champions) we CAN DO IT =) The Boys havent been having a good season but we need this win. GO COWBOYS!
Anyways in the refrigerator we have a Pumpkin Cheesecake that my mom bought like 4 days ago and told me and my dad not to touch it until today, so we'll have to see if this cheesecake is good. lol. My mom also made FLAN if you dont know what Flan is your missing out! Its just like cheesecake but BETTTTTTERRR=).
Well enough about food now I wanted to tell you guys what I am truly thankful for, I am thankful for my family and friends, having a job, being able to continue my education, and of course for you guys.
You guys mean the WORLD to me. All of you have stuck by me through thick and thin. I'm Thankful for all my subscribers on my Youtube. I am truly blessed to have such great people support me. Thank you =)

PS. I'm going to get Turkey Wasted =)
Happy Holidays

1 comment

  1. First off, GO SAINTS =P

    & pumpkin cheesecake sounds delish! My mom made pumpkin flan :)

    Have a great day hon!


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