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University Graduation | I'm DONE!

Hello everyone!
Its been a hot minute since I last wrote a blog post. Well let me tell you my absence was due to me working hard to keep my grades up and finally FINALLY graduate! It only took me 5 years to complete my Undergraduate Degree but I did it!
Today was the day I had worked for all my life. I walked across that stage proud and feeling accomplished. The emotions are truly unexplainable.Changing the tassel from the right to the left and flipping the face of my class ring was a thing to remember. When the ceremony came to an end and we all had to recite the alma mater, I seriously almost cried, just thinking that I won't be walking down the university halls anymore got my thinking, WOW I'm DONE! All my years for college was truly a great experience that I will cherish with me for forever. Now its time to face reality and look for a job or internship.
But in the meantime I will be freelancing so here is where I advertise myself to my viewers.
** If you need a graphic designer don't hesitate to contact me at : contact.gabby@yahoo.com **

I will always remember this day =)
Spring 2014 ART- BA Undergraduate!

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