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Texas State Fair | Recap


I don't remember much of the last time I went to the state fair but it was years ago. I defiantly don't remember these flying carts! These are very convenient when the its super crowded to get from point A to point B. 

The fair came and went. This year I got to go two times, which was awesome. I went with co-workers first then went with my parents. Food was top priority and that's exactly what we spent all of our tickets on. Don't get me wrong the fair is pretty expensive but its totally worth every penny. One thing for sure is that I will never go on the last day of the fair. It was so crowded that you could barley walk and don't even get me started on parking that's a whole other story.

 I am for sure in the future when I make some hard earn cash my next car will be a JEEP.

F O O D  R E C A P 

+ most important part +

f r i e d  a v o c a d o 
+ tastes better with the spicy sauce that it's served with because by itself it doesn't taste very good.

m e x i c a n  f i r e c r a c k e r
+ basically a fried tamale in the shape of a taquito same as the fried avocado the sauce make it taste way better.  

c h i c k e n  f r i e d  l o b s t e r  t a i l  w/ c h a m p a g n e  g r a v y
+ NOT WORTH IT! This was the most expensive food I tried it was around 64 tickets. To me it lacked in flavor didn't taste good it needed some spicy sauce or something.

f u n n e l c a k e  b a c o n  c h e e s e  b u r g e r 
+ YA'LL this is a game changer! I would defiantly split this with someone. It's hard to grab like a regular burger so I just cut pieces out.  It was good and very filling. I wish I could of tried it hot because by the time we found a seat to eat my food was cold, but none the less it was delicious.

f r o z e n  l e m o n a d e
+ A MUST! I was on the hunt for frozen margaritas but all I kept finding was the one in the pouch so I settled on a frozen lemonade and I was not disappointed. Usually lemonades are very sweet and give me a headache later on due to too much sugar but this one hit the spot and was not sweet it was just perfect. 

Did you go to the TEXAS STATE FAIR?
See you next year BIG TEX!

xx gabby

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