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University Orientation

Many of you may have known that I was at my University on Friday. My parents and I took a little road trip I drove of course so I can get the road figured out, because I will be driving up to my University. We left a day early to get to know the town a little more, since my University is in a little town, but anyways I got my ID, my eyes have that red eyes tint to it, like if I had colored eyes. Got to choose my classes, my schedule for Fall is pretty cool. I will have classes M-F its all good. So my Major is Advertising =), becoming a Graphic Designer. Im excited. I realized when doing my class schedule I will be needing a bike to make my way through the University since my english class is a little far from my dorm and other classes, darn it, oh well im going to get my exercise for sure =)
this was my 6am breakfast from the hotel
I know texas is backwards but it was a good waffle =)

The trees looked so pretty, I told my mom to take a picture of me with them =)

all in all I cant wait for FALL.

xoxo gabby


  1. Omgosh girl congrats! Im majoring in advertising as well! =)
    If you need help in any classes let me know! =)
    If there are any clubs for advertising or graphic design totally join. We have a advertising club at my school and it's opened me up to a lot of networking with professionals n_n
    Also if you haven't join linkedin.com it's like a facebook but for professionals...LOL...a lot of networking and you never know you may find a job there...
    o.k enough rambling...lol..

  2. omgsh thanks girl =) *high five* for being Advertising Majors =)
    I will totally check out that facebook page.


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