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Fall Break

This blog post is long over due!
All this stress about school has just been taken over my life.
So I went home for Fall Break which was awesome! I missed home and home cooked meals.
 I was welcomed home to tons of magazines my last birchbox and some ebay packages =)

 The second official home cooked meal was ENCHILADAS =)
My first meal was quesadillas
Third meal was gorditas =)) (which my mom packed me some to take back to my dorm.. I dreaded the day I ate the last one lol )

 Im craving some right now =)

On the last day of my fall break some of my friends took me too IN N OUT because a new one opened super close to where I live.
I downed a DOUBLE DOUBLE =) booyah
then we went ice skating where the "ice skating police" pulled me over and told me I didn't have balance and that my shoes weren't tired correctly.. not my fault they kept giving me the ghetto skates with super short laces.
I would be the one the guy would pull over. 

Other than that I had fun going home for about 3 days =)
I came home to reality back to the books =(

XOXO gabby


  1. I'm jealous that you have an in n out burger!! And that's exactly what I do when I go home! Home cooked meals and leftovers for school =)

  2. aw....
    school is HELLA stressful. excuse my language. next week is midterms and i have SO much to study & papers to write.

    i cant wait to have a little weekend break soon.


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