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1st Experience

So on Thursday I went to the fair here where I live right now and they were having a free concert for Hot Chelle Rae. So of course I got myself some tickets from a radio station. It was awesome!

My friends and I decided to sit up high so we could see the show and not by the stage we didn't want to get trampled by screaming girls lol
They saved the best for last TONIGHT TONIGHT. I was awesome! Everyone was singing along.

After the concert we went to go get ourselves a funnel cake! MmMm so good.

We decided to roam around the fair I won a "hello kitty" plush  I put quotations around hello kitty because if doesn't even look like hello kitty lol
After that some of us decided to go clubbing.We went to a gay bar/club because it was thursday and they have FOAM NIGHT! 
Let me tell you that night I experienced my first Drag Queen show, and my first FOAM PARTY. 
I had so much fun. 
The Drag Queens were fierce and fabulous.
I was totally soaked by the end of the night. Now finding parking at my dorms was a nightmare that night I had the WORSE parking spot ever which sucked walking in the chilly weather with wet clothes, not a good combination.
None the less this was a night to remember fosho!

xoxo gabby
PS: I wish I had pictures from the club, but I didn't wanna ruin my camera with the water. =)

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