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Early Birthday Present

Yes I buy presents for myself don't tell me you dont. 
I decided to treat myself to some TOMS since I got my first ever pair of TOMS on Christmas from my Bestie we gifted each other with TOMS on Christmas I decided to by myself the RED pair of TOMS.
Kid size =) cheaper

 I talked to my mom the other day and I told her I ordered some TOMS she's like " I just bought you some the Red ones" I was like "NO WAY" lol

 They came with the Flag and a Sticker

These have a plastic, thick sole which will last way longer.. me likey 
The black sparkly ones I have doesn't have plastic soles 

Kid/Youth TOMS have different side linning than Adult ones 

 Size 4 Youth = size 7 in women Adults 
At least for me it is
I wear a size 7 in women and I get size 4 in kids for converse and TOMS 

Lastly I received my Etsy order 
I ordered a mustache decal for my laptop
I have been obsessing over mustaches lately I LOVE THEM.

xoxo gabby


  1. I wear the same size! I didn't know toms run big like chuck taylors do. I don't like these though, I have something against wearing sneakers without socks. they're cute though!

  2. WOMAN! I've been wanting the Red TOMS! Ahhhh, twins? lol.

    & I'm loving your "stache" hahaha....

  3. I got the same pair of red ones and I love them. I don't know if it's my toes or if this happens to everyone, but you can kinda see the outline of them in the canvas when i wear them for a while lol


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