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I'm Alive

Hello Hello Everyone
I've missed you all so much. I really appreciated how some of my YT subscribers and followers on Twitter missed me =). I've been gone from Youtube and my Blog for so long I think for more than 2 months now *gasp*. A lot has happened since I last wrote a blog post or made a video.
I moved out of my dorm room in May, fun stuff (im totally kidding). Moving all my "crap" back to my parents house was crazy, I took over the whole house with all my "crap". Im still trying to find out where to put all my stuff. I also transfered to another university which Im currently taking a summer course (Typography). Also I transfered back to my work place here where I live, and they have been giving me so many hours which = no time for nothing.
My day to day schedule:
- wake up
- school
- nap
- eat
- work
- sleep
and I get to do this schedule all over almost everyday

Also during these two months my Bestie aka Phuocsterx3 was staying at my place until her road trip to Cali which I was going to go but I had to take a summer course in order to stay track and graduate on time which is NEXT YEAR =) yeah buddy. Anywhoot, it was fun having my bestie stay with me for 2 weeks. We painted my room, nothing exciting, I just got tired of my pink walls and how my room was all dark. So, we painted them white and now my room has a total makeover. My new color scheme for my room is black ,white and turquoise. I LOVE IT! =)

So my room isn't all decorated yet but when its done I know you guys will want a updated room tour =)

So yeah that's my reason for not making videos ive been really busy.

On to other news if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you will know that I received an awesome package yesterday.

Yup I am now the proud owner of the Canon Rebel T3i =)
fyi Im still making payment so its technically not mine yet lol

other than that I will be getting back into making videos and blogging more since I now have a fancy camera to have better quality content . IM EXCITED

Thanks for still sticking with me!
Love you guys 

omgsh after looking at my blog after a long period of time.. I think it needs to be revamped dontcha think

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