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BeautyCon TX 2016

Hello everyone!

I completely forgot to post my BeautyCon Texas experience. Well it was 10x better than last years event! The event space was bigger and this year they had 30+ vendors unlike last year where they only had I think 5 vendors it was ridiculous. Recap: My bestie and I were invited by BeautyCon to attend the event and a pre-party a day before BeautyCon. I was super excited about being invited to a BeautyCon Pre-Party! Well we got to the event which was at The House of Blues (never been there). We walked into the event and outside was this promotional wall with all the sponsors names on it that people could take pictures. Once was got all our glam shots in we made our way into the event and whoa there was a lot of people and so many youtubers! This is where we got to take pictures with some of our favorites youtubers instead of the day of BeautyCon.

 You guys have no idea how long I have waited to meet these lovely ladies! Ive been following them since the beginning. Latinas represent! 
@lupescuevas @ashleymeza_

Ah we super nervous to talk to Jeanine but in the end go the courage to talk to her.

We also met Baddie Winkle. The baddest! 

AH we met Remi and had a small chit chat with her she's so cool.

At the Party they had a photobooth which was freaken awesome. 

The day of the event we got there pretty early and the instructions we were given by email didn't help at all. The people at the event didn't even know what kind of pass to give us. We eventually got the friends and family pass. The first place we had on our list was the Tarte Booth and there was already a line at that booth probably the longest line we stood in. While we where waiting in line we got interviewed by QVC for their Youtube channel. We noticed at the Tarte Booth that last years prices where way cheaper than this years but oh well its still discounted makeup. 

I did vlog this day and the video is up on my channel | VLOG


Longest line again this year was the FOOD LINE! The food ended up getting us kinda sick.

Got to meet the lovely Ally! She was the sweetest! 

This pictured moved so if you want to see it in action go to my INSTAGRAM. Need I say more I mean YOUTUBE SQUAD GOALS! 

Overall I had a good time! I hope to get invited next year. =) 

xox gabby

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